3 DC Restaurants to check out for lunch

When you are looking for a good lunch in Washington DC, check out these three places:

Toki Underground:  Toki Underground has fantastic ramen.  But don't pass on their appetizer Fried Chicken Steam Buns.  It's fanastic and packs a huge punch of flavor.  They even have very unique cocktails.  The seating is only bar style.

Tune Inn Restaurant and Bar:  They are famous for their Beer Battered Burger which is delicious, but I think I enjoyed Joe's West Virginia even more.  This place is small and down to earth with great food.

il Canale:  This is the best pizza I've had in DC.  I take pride in making my own at home and I left asking myself what I've been doing wrong.  The rest of the food looks great too, but I go for the pizza.

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