The Biggest Mistake Sellers Make

House for Sale

“Please get my home on the market as soon as possible,” is something we hear from some of our clients.  They are thinking they will put their home on the market to “see if anyone bites.” Then if not they will make the improvements we are recommending to them.  Let me explain why this is a costly mistake.

There is a backlog of buyers right now, many who have been waiting a year or more to find a house.  Most of these buyers have bid on houses and lost to others who bid higher.  They have alerts set up to tell them when new houses come on the market and have learned from experience they should go see houses they may like as soon as possible.  When the next house comes on the market, a lot of people will be ready.

As the owner of the new house on the market, you will have one very short chance to impress them.  Very few buyers can imagine what it will be like “when you replace the carpet” or “fix the shower door.”  If your house is not in top condition the first few days you are on the market, you will have fewer people interested and get significantly lower offers from the people that are interested.

Take the time to ensure your house has great curb appeal (Landscaping, clean siding and entrance, and a nice door knob) is totally clean inside (a whole house cleaning service will get you back more than you pay) and anything broken or too old is repaired or updated, like fixtures, knobs and carpet.

In this current market where buyers are bidding against one another, doing the “last 5%” of finishes on your house will yield you more money and an easier sale.

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