Upgrade Assistance for Northern Virginia Homeowners

Governments ranging from the Federal Government to our local city/county governments have policy goals for our properties.  If their priorities align with yours they will subsidize improvements to your home and property. Below is a list of programs you can use if you are making particular improvements.

Federal Tax Credits.  You can get up to $3200/year in Federal credits.  You can get credits each year from now through 2032 for the following upgrades:

See all the details here for the above improvements.  You should also consult your tax pro. In general you will get a bigger subsidy if you do different projects in different years.

Fairfax City Wastewater Lateral Repair and Replacement Program.  This program, available on in Fairfax City, helps residents repair or replace their wastewater pipe that goes from their house to the street.  This is an expensive and fairly common problem homeowners face.  Utility customers in Fairfax City are charged monthly on their bills for this program.  If you don’t live in Fairfax City, you could buy private insurance through Dominion energy to cover this.

Virginia and Fairfax County Conservation Assistance Programs.  This program is for conservation projects like impervious surface removal, conservation landscaping, dry wells, green roofs, rainwater harvesting (and more).  The details are here along with an application for Fairfax County, Fairfax City, and Alexandria City residents, but the program is available all over Virginia.

Dominion Home Energy Audit.  For Customers of Dominion Energy, they will provide a home energy evaluation.  

Washington Gas Appliance Rebate.  Washington Gas customers can get rebates on new furnaces, hot water heaters, smart thermostats, and gas fireplaces.

If you know of other programs I’ve missed, please let me know so I can keep an up to date list for everyone.

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